Greek Pottery between the Aegean and the Central Mediterranean



Productions, styles and iconographies, functions and contexts

Second preliminary workshop

9-11 MARCH 2023
Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene
Odos Parthenonos, 14


The second preliminary Greek Pottery Workshop is part of an international colloquium project aimed at studying 8th and 7th century BC Greek ceramics in Southern Italy and Sicily.

The project intends to reassess the current knowledge on this topic based on recent research.

The first preliminary workshop focused on the most recent research on Greek pottery from Southern Italy and Sicily, while the second one aims to present new evidence or re-analyse known archaeological datasets related to Greek ceramics found in East Greece, Aegean Islands, Peloponnese and Attica.

The final colloquium will be held in 2025 in Naples and organized by Mario Denti, Jean-Christophe Sourisseau, Lou De Barbarin, and Josipa Mandić.

The workshop will address themes such as relations and contacts between these regions and Southern Italy and Sicily, the political and cultural contexts that influence stylistic and iconographic choices, the circulation of pottery, and its role within and beyond the colonies, as well as contexts of production, consumption, and reception.

The National Superintendent of Underwater Cultural Heritage participates with a speech by Barbara DAVIDDE (Superintendent) on
The Early Archaic wreck of the Otranto Straits: a preliminary study


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Il “Second preliminary Greek Pottery Workshop” rientra nel programma del Convegno Internazionale dedicato allo studio della ceramica del VIII e VII secolo a.C. in Italia meridionale e in Sicilia.

Il progetto intende rivalutare le attuali conoscenze su questo argomento sulla base di ricerche recenti.

Il primo seminario si è concentrato sulle più recenti ricerche sulla ceramica greca dell’Italia meridionale e della Sicilia, mentre il secondo si propone di presentare le ricerche e i dati più recenti sulla Grecia orientale, Isole dell’Egeo, Peloponneso e Attica.

In tale contesto la  Soprintendenza Nazionale per il Patrimonio Culturale Subacqueo partecipa  al convegno con l’intervento del Soprintendente Dott.ssa Barbara Davidde su

The Early Archaic wreck of the Otranto Straits: a preliminary study